Do you know the benefits of soft water?

Speak to Bryan Clarke & Sons today and…

  • Banish limescale forever
  • Save up to £400 a year on cleaning products and toiletries
  • Smoother skin and silkier hair
  • Increase the life expectancy of water using equipment
  • Softer, brighter looking clothes
  • Alleviate eczema and dry skin
  • More bubbles, less bubble bath

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Welcome to Bryan Clarke & Son

We are your local, authorised Kinetico dealer and have been providing quality Kinetico water treatment products to our customers for more than years.

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“We recently purchased a water softener from Bryan Clarke & Son. The whole process was very professional, well managed and clear, as was the installation itself. We are very happy with the improved water quality and our decision to use Bryan Clarke & Son.”

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