Discover the benefits of luxuriously soft water

Water touches every area of our lives. We come into contact with it every single day. Washing clothes, washing ourselves, cooking, cleaning and of course drinking – many of us however suffer with the detrimental effects of hard water on a daily basis. 13 million households in the UK are affected by hard water. Kent area is renowned for suffering from the consequences of calcium and magnesium in the water which causes limescale.

Tight skin after washing, scum on your tea, a bath that never bubbles, limescale in the kettle, grubby bathroom and kitchen, furred up boiler, inefficient heating system – sound familiar? All are a consequence of hard water. There is a simple, long-term solution; installing a water softener will remove the magnesium and calcium from your water which causes limescale. Whether it gives you gorgeous glossy hair, plumped up skin and money back in your pocket, or you simply spend less time doing laborious cleaning – for all these reasons, once you’ve tried a water softener, you won’t ever want to give it up!

Based in Kent, local company Bryan Clarke & Son have been experts in water treatment solutions for 30 years and supply one of the industry’s leading water softeners, the Kinetico 2020c. The unique twin-tank, non-electric design provides you with luxuriously soft water 24 hours a day. It’s easy-to-use, economical to run and will fit conveniently under your kitchen sink. Testament to the premium quality of the Kinetico 2020c, it also comes with a 10 year warranty to give you complete peace of mind.

If you want to experience the wonderful benefits a water softener can bring, for a limited period, Bryan Clarke & Son is offering it’s customers an exclusive Spring offer of FREE installation* for all Kinetico 2020c Water Softeners purchased until 24th April 2016.

Ask the experts. For friendly advice on the benefits of having a water softener and to claim your FREE installation call Bryan Clarke & Son on 01227 785222.

*see for full terms and conditions.